DeVry University Youth Services

(Available to youth between the ages of 16 and 21 who meet specific eligibility requirements)

        • Tutoring, study skills training, and instruction leading to completion of secondary school
        • Alternative school services
        • Mentoring
        • Paid and unpaid work experience (such as internships and job shadowing)
        • Occupational skills training
        • Leadership development
        • Supportive services
        • Guidance counseling
        • Follow-up services

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)  authorizes services for youth, adults, and dislocated workers. Eligible youth must be no less than age 16 and not more than age 21, low income, and meet at least one of six specific barriers to employment. A year-round youth program emphasizes attainment of basic skills competencies, enhances opportunities for academic and occupational training, and provides exposure to the job market and employment.
Activities may include instruction leading to completion of secondary school, tutoring, internships, job shadowing, work experience, adult mentoring, and comprehensive guidance and counseling. The program emphasizes serving out-of-school youth.