Youth Treatment Method

R-Resilient Group Homes is a gender-specific, comprehensive treatment program for male youths suffering from mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues. The program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating male youths with substance abuse and other mental health disorders. As compared with adults, youths have higher rates of dual diagnosis and developmental differences. Youth treatment needs can be challenging and often involves more comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approaches. At R-Resilient Group Homes, we deliver a highly individualized, holistic approach to treatment where psychological, biological, spiritual, social and educational needs are continually assessed and revised throughout the treatment process.

Many key elements characterize the design and implementation of our youth’s substance abuse treatment program. The program is designed to address those elements defined by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse as crucial and key in establishing effective, individualized, and comprehensive care for youth substance abuse treatment. These key elements include:

  1. Comprehensive screening assessments that includes psychiatric, psychological, medical, and social factors in the youth’s life to best match them with an appropriate level of care and treatment.
  2. Comprehensive and integrated treatment approaches that address all aspects of the youth’s life.
  3. Developmentally appropriate programming where activities and materials reflect the developmental differences between adults and youths.
  4. Licensed, qualified staff trained specifically in youth development, will service co-occurring mental health issues, substance abuse and addiction.
  5. Consistent family involvement that is mandatory in all aspects of treatment and recovery.
  6. A gender-specific treatment environment where the program can address the distinct needs of youth boys in a safe, nurturing, gender-specific group and residential setting.

In addition, research suggests that lengthier treatment for male youths correlates with better success rates. Understanding the clinical nature of youth treatment in the area of substance abuse and addiction, R-Resilient Group Homes adheres to a minimum length stay. The outcome of comprehensive screening assessments accomplished prior to admission and the ongoing clinical assessment during the youth’s stay provides the clinical determination of the youth needs and progress. It is in this clinical context that recommendations are made in relation to length of stay.

In summary, R-Resilient Group Home’s individual, clinically comprehensive, compassionate programs are key in the development of a strong therapeutic alliance between the youth, physician, therapists, and other key staff members that help empower teens, restore families and help insure lifelong recovery.