Gender-Specific Treatment Method

A growing body of evidence suggests that with gender-specific treatment programs youth remain in treatment longer and fare better than in mixed-gender programs.

R-Resilient Group Homes is gender-specific and has entirely programs for boys, while in treatment, the boys never mix. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that males have different responses to drugs and alcohol than females, and as such, have different responses to treatment. Males also have different motivations for using drugs and alcohol, different motivations for entering or leaving treatment, and different motivations for relapsing. All of which have significant implications for treatment. In addition, males process information differently than females and respond to different elements of a treatment program. In short, they often have different treatment needs than females.

R-Resilient Group Homes believes it is critical to have the residential program free of female distraction allowing boys to focus on the primary issues as to why they are in treatment. We believe that the treatment program should address the distinct needs of male youths.
Same-sex group sessions provide an opportunity for youth males to focus on issues that might be difficult to discuss in mixed-group settings. Also, many males that enter treatment at R-Resilient Group Homes have not had strong male role models to model healthy, compassionate, sober lifestyles. For many males, morality is based on consequence (getting caught), rather than on what is right and wrong. Boundaries and personal responsibilities are often neglected, and there may exist a lack of respect for females.

R-Resilient Group Homes creates an atmosphere where males can learn healthy behaviors that increase self-esteem, healthy boundaries, and positive emotional expressions of their feelings.