Focused Treatment Method

Having male only groups at the R-Resilient Group Homes allows males to focus on treatment and relate to other youth without being distracted into game playing to impress females.
When males are in a gender-specific setting, they can often experience a compassion and pursuit for mutual goals and concerns. Friendship, compassion, and caring for one another is essential. Youth are also free to discuss sensitive issues such as male health problems, sexuality, dating, and other topics that would otherwise be difficult in a mixed-gender setting.

In a gender-specific environment, males can more easily explore their relationships with their mothers, sisters, and other females learning new, healthy patterns to relate and communicate with the opposite sex. Youth males who use drugs and alcohol typically suppress their emotions and have difficulty expressing any emotions except for anger. With a gender-specific group, males can feel free to talk about being frightened, rejected, or sad in a safe environment free of female judgment. Self-esteem is critical in the recovery process.

In a gender-specific group, increasing self- esteem with males is our primary goal and essential to long-term recovery.

Understanding the differences in males and females who abuse drugs and alcohol is necessary to effectively treat them in a residential setting. When you combine developmental, emotional, physical, families, and the many other influences on why youths use alcohol and drugs, it is clear that a gender-specific residential treatment model like the one utilized by the R-Resilient Group Homes is essential to effective youth treatment.