Keys to Success

Our success will come from knowing that through hard work, repentance, and respect, our youths will research, resettle, and rehabilitate themselves and their communities with strength, determination, and love.
We know that R-Resilient Group Homes will be measured on how we can correct the underlying issues in these youth’s lives. R-Resilient youths can spring back to shape after being compress by life’s trials and tribulations. Issues such as emotional, substance abuse, addiction, behavioral, and family can be corrected with programs specifically developed by R-Resilient Group Homes.

We believe that it’s never too late for a troubled youth to overcome their problems and have a promising future ahead of them. Our home-like environment is a safe place with all the necessary structure, stability, and rules of a family unit.
Good behaviors are reinforced with reward and praise, while negative behaviors result in consequences. Our youths have responsibilities to the household and must learn to cooperate with one another as well as obey the house rules.
We hope that through lessons learned in our home, our youths will apply them with success to other areas of their lives, as we aim to improve each youth’s self-esteem so that they gain the confidence needed to succeed.

R-Resilient Group Home staff, along with the amount of experience they have dealing with troubled youth, chooses to be here because they genuinely care about the success and recovery of each troubled youth. The safe and structured environment created by staff helps to encourage and build up our youth. Our staff is the back bone which helps make up the main keys to our success.