Game & Simulation Programming Careers

If you enjoy building and programming the logic that makes games challenging and simulations vital, you can turn your talents into a career of your dreams. We can help you build on your natural abilities, understand new and emerging technologies firsthand, and develop the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. With the right education, you can be prepared to pursue these fast-growing careers.

          • Artificial Intelligence Programmers
          • Engine Programmers
          • Game Programmers
          • Graphics Programmers
          • Interface Designers
          • Interface Programmers
          • Lead Designers
          • Lead Programmers
          • Lead Testers
          • Level Designers
          • Level Programmers
          • Playability, Usability and Beta Testers
          • Production, Quality Assurance and Regression Testers
          • Quality Assurance Applications Programmers
          • Simulation Programmers
          • Tool Programmers